Konzert: MDC


Die Hardcore-/ Anarchopunk Legenden MDC kommen diesen Sommer zu uns ins Rosi und geben ein Akustik Set zum Besten.
Wir freuen uns riesig!

Fast playing anarchist punk act MDC formed in Austin, Texas in 1979. The band was known as the Stains early on, quickly taking on the moniker of MDC. The name itself changed meanings on each release, most famously standing for Millions of Dead Cops, but also at times representing Millions of Damn Christians, Millions of Dead Capitalists, Millions of Dead Congressmen, Millions of Dead Children, Missile Destroyed Civilization, or Multi–Death Corporation, Male Dominated Culture, Marine Death Corps,, and Magnus Dominus Corpus. MDC relocated to San Francisco in 1982 and were active participants in the local punk and hardcore scene.